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Our goal at Moss Mountain is to deliver high quality comfort at a low cost.

 After enjoying the floating comfort of Mayan Hammocks, we thought the world would be a calmer place if everyone took the time to relax in a hammock.

So in 1994 we drove to Southern Mexico to bring back what we feel is the most comfortable hammock in the world. 

  We then started off on the road selling hammocks at music festivals and street fairs.

   All of our hammocks are made by Yucatecan rural weavers continuing a cultural tradition. 

   We are still working with the same people that helped load our vanagon on that first trip.

     When we are not on the road, we enjoy being at home on Moss Mountain in Sweet Springs, West Virginia.

Selling handwoven Mayan hammocks and parachute hammocks at low cost and deals on chairs and rope.