YOUR Ticket To The Moon!

TTTM’s Moon Chair is made from the highest quality parachute fabric (100% nylon). Safe and secure, its reinforced parachute fabric is triple stitched, with taped seams and stainless steel rings for optimal safety.

Strong and durable, with an aluminum tubing structure and stainless steel elements, the hammock chair is lightweight and comfortable, making it ideal for traveling, camping or the occasional nap. Hung from a beam, a branch or a ceiling, it delivers total relaxation for your back, releasing all the pressure from your spine. A healthy Ticket To The Moon!

Ready to use, including 3 meters of nautical rope and a high grade carabiner for an easy and secure hang.


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Product Features:

Fabric: High-Grade parachute silk nylon

Bag Dimensions: 98 cm  ⌀ 15 cm - 3’3” ⌀ 6”

Weight: 1700 g - 3.75 lbs

Maximum Static Load : 120 kg - 264 lbs 

Ropes: Nautical ropes - ⌀ 5 mm

Stitching: High-grade nylon triple stitching

Tube: Aluminum tubing

Army Green 

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